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Anna Marie Frank

Learn About the Health Benefits of Lavender
October 2

Lavender has an abundance of ways it can be used to help improve one’s overall health. I bet you didn’t know you could use lavender essential oil to help prevent acne? Most people don’t know all of its amazing uses so we are bringing an extremely knowledgeable and local speaker Anna Marie Frank to join us on 10/2 for a FREE seminar. Let us help you discover natural ways to improve your overall health and daily life.

About Anna Marie:

Anna Marie Frank is a Doctor of Naturopathy, brain health professional, and lover of life! She is also an author, speaker, employee wellness consultant, and mindset life-guide coach. Her mission is to end mental health stigmas and help all people upgrade their brains and biology through lifestyle choices while rewiring their neuro pathways using holistic modalities. Anna Marie healed her brain after years of depression and challenges with dyslexia and ADD.

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